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Deciding whether to buy a home, or not, is a big decision that just about everyone has to make sooner or later and when they do, very few do it without a mortgage.

So there's no need to feel you're out there on your own.

homeLoanHQ has been talking to people about property transactions for over 30 years and if you have questions about the process, maybe we can help.

Planning a proper start might save you more than just money in the end.

Streetwise Owner Home Loan

3.00 % pa

Borrower rate

3.84 % pa

Comparison rate*

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Streetwise Investor Home Loan

4.62 % pa

Borrower rate

4.04 % pa

Comparison rate*

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Streetwise Owner Home Loan vs our competition

Comparison home loan rates for comparative owner-occupier home loans.

Reporting period: Financial Year 18
Source: Mozo

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Monthly savings compared against the homeLoanHQ Streetwise Owner Home Loan. Based on an average home loan of $420,000 for an owner-occupier loan with a term of 25 years and a deposit of 30%.

You are paying $ 562.68 extra per year
You are paying $ 872.64 extra per year
You are paying $ 907.20 extra per year
You are paying $ 288.48 extra per year

How we stack up

If you took out a $500,000 home loan over 30 years.

Borrower rate
Comparison rate*
Yearly repayments
3.69% p.a.
3.88% p.a.
3.89% p.a.
3.90% p.a.
3.98% p.a.
3.99% p.a.
3.99% p.a.
4.03% p.a.
3.81% p.a.
3.85% p.a.
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Repayment amount
$2,800 Per month

Streetwise Owner Home Loan

3.00 % pa Borrower rate
4.31% pa Comparison rate*
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What is a good investment? Location! Location! Location! Become your own expert.

In choosing investment properties, think about suitability for tenants. Is the property close to the local supermarket, and key public transport?

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